values the peace of mind of its Customers and suppliers. As            such, we have developed an original and secure Bank
           Controlled Escrow system, unique in the Telecom Industry,
           for all funds allocated to or by BMT AMERICA. In an Industry
           riddled with fraud, theft and incompetence, BMT AMERICA sets
           itself apart again; this time by assuring any and all parties that we
           work with, that their funds are fully secured at all times and will be
           used only to pay for minutes run. No more lost deposits, no more            Suppliers or Buyers running off with your Money!!
           In conjunction with SunTrust Bank, one of the largest banks in the            United States, BMT AMERICA protects you and your funds,
           letting you concentrate on making money rather then losing it to            unscrupulous charlatans. We bill every 3 rd or 4 th day and/or
           weekly, and can additionally provide daily updates on usage to
           give you added peace of mind.
           BMT AMERICA
continually strives to offer all of its Associates the            tools necessary to do business together in complete confidence.
           Come and discover the difference that value and trust can make.