BMT AMERICA, LLC. is a dynamic young Telecom Company            established in November of 2003, specializing in wholesale VOIP            minutes to a targeted set of International Terminations, to a select            clientele group. The Company was created by joining the talents of its            key Operating Partners and by implementing some of the best            Technologies available anywhere in the Industry or in the World.


           Mr. Wexler is a Certified Accountant and has been involved in the            Telecom Industry for the past 5 years. He has completed courses in            VOIP technology and has become essential in finding new hardware
           and software solutions and evaluating them from both a financial
           as well as technological perspective.


           FRED BLAKE
           Mr. Blake’s vast business experience has connected him to a large            network of contacts and has helped secure BMT AMERICA’s place
           within that accumulated pool of resources. His dynamic approach
           and input as a consultant is an important ingredient to the
           continued growth of operations.

           JOHN C. LUMPKIN
           Mr. Lumpkin has been a practicing corporate attorney for the past
           30 years. His contact base and resources have been essential in            assisting in BMT AMERICA’s short and long term strategic planning.            Additionally, Mr. Lumpkin’s input for Legal and Contractual issues
           and establishing final form, has been critical to the success of the            Company.

           Mr. Guliani arrived in the United States from India in 1966 and received            his Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Cincinnati,            thereafter. After graduating, Mr. Guliani proceeded to become the            General Manager of the prestigious HK Porter Firm in Lynchburg, VA. In            1984, Mr. Guliani opened a chain of very successful pharmacies known            as the “Drug Emporiums” and, as well, has been involved in several            othersuccessful businesses and real estate ventures. BMT AMERICA is            delighted that Mr. Guliani has joined our team as his vast business            experience and contacts will prove to be an enormous asset to the            Company.