RCRSI :A Recipe for Successful PROJECTS
Research, Compilation, Reporting & Strategic Implementation (RCRSI)

In addition to running VOIP wholesale minutes, BMT AMERICA is involved in several Research, Development and Implementation PROJECTS.

BMT AMERICA has developed its own proprietary and continually updated database for specialized Research, Compilation, Reporting and Strategic Implementation PROJECTS (RCRSI). By gathering and assimilating data from a multitude of sources, BMT AMERICA benefits from examining a huge number of possible solutions to a given strategic problem, and then, proposing the best, and in many cases, a hybrid solution for implementation with its PROJECT PARTNERS.

The gathering of information from a wide variety of sources, arranging and cataloging it into a usable database, is of key importance prior to the successful implementation of any new products and services. Compiling information will avoid needless repetition and will create a platform for comparing competing technological solutions. Research has been made into a wide variety of categories including, but not limited to:

  • Communications Security
  • VOIP/ WI FI technology for Mobile Phones
  • Firewalls
  • Call Encryption
  • Band Width Compression
  • Processing Speed

In the performance of the RCRSI for any particular PROJECT, BMT AMERICA follows the guidelines set out by the ISO (International Standards Organization) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) specialized system for worldwide standardization,as well as the joint committee governing Telecommunications and is known as the ISO/IEC JTC 1.

Although it is desirable to deal strictly with ISO/IEC compliant Companies when researching new technologies, thus assuring quality and reliability in all products and prototypes; BMT AMERICA understands the speed of change in the industry and the enormous quantity of new ventures, products and patents arriving to market daily.

Depending on the objectives and requirements of the PROJECT and the objectives of the PARTNERS, a hybrid solution may be more relevant in obtaining the data required. In evaluating certain non-compliant Companies, their proposed products and prototypes, BMT AMERICA may simply utilize the portion of the ISO/IEC recommendations that are required for decision-making purposes. Consequently, compliant and non–compliant Companies may be included in the RCRSI and compared on equal criteria.

Meaningful reporting is key to the overall objectives of any PROJECT and its successful implementation. Comparative analysis, physical analysis, performance variances and management efficiency, all participate in grading the examined technology. BMT AMERICA has become a trusted Consultant and Project Manager to many PARTNERS, helping to get results that count. Let the BMT AMERICATeam assist in the development of any Telecom related Project and assure the successful completion of all stated goals in a complete and focused package. Come talk to us, because we can help.